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International World Games Association

History of the IWGA

Founded in 1980, the International World Games Association (IWGA) is a non-governmental and non-profit international organization constituted under Swiss law. Made up of International Sports Federations Members, it administers a quadrennial and multi-disciplinary sports event, The World Games, which aspires to equal and exceed the importance of World Championships organized by each Member Federation individually.

The principal aim of the IWGA is to develop the popularity of the sports governed by its Member Federations, to improve their prominence through excellent sporting achievements, and to conserve all the traditional values of sport through The World Games. Since its establishment on May 21, 1980, IWGA membership has increased from 12 to 37 Member Federations.

The International World Games Association is recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). The two organizations signed an updated Memorandum of Understanding in 2016, which underlines the closer cooperation between the IOC and the IWGA.

The IWGA Mission

The Mission of the IWGA is:

  • To develop the popularity of the sports that are governed by its Member Federations;
  • To improve their prominence through excellent sporting achievements, and;
  • To conserve all the traditional values of sport.

The World Games is the manifestation of this mission. Every four years, the IWGA and its Member Federations provide a top-class international multi-sport event that strives to provide the widest possible exposure of the sports to public and media through The World Games concept.

IWGA Commitment to Excellence

The IWGA Member International Sports Federations ensure that their very best athletes enter The World Games. Together with the stipulation for global representation, this brings about top-level competitions and maximum participation from all continents.

The federations draw up the selection criteria and establish the qualification rules for their contingent of athletes in The World Games. They ensure participation of the very best athletes and the broadest possible international representation.

Each federation commits to stage its events in ways that enable spectators watching them for the first time to follow along and enjoy the competitions. Thus, The World Games strives to present events in ways that allow athletes to shine their brightest, while spectators are ensured maximum entertainment value.