History of Lifesaving

Lifesaving is a sport played indoors in swimming pools, in the same way that pool lifeguards are trained. The sport consists of a series of competition disciplines intended to develop and demonstrate lifesaving skills, fitness and motivation. Life Saving tests a life saver’s skills in rescue, accident prevention and emergency care. The events of Lifesaving replicate common rescue techniques and includes Mannequin Carry (an athlete swims and dives to recover a submerged mannequin and carries it back to the finish), and Mannequin Tow (an athlete swims to a mannequin, affixes a rescue tube around it and tows it back to the finish).

Country of Origin

  • Australia

Popular Countries

  • Australia, United Kingdom, United States

2017 World Games Champion (country)

  • 100m Manikin Carry with Fins – Italy (men), Australia (women)
  • 100m Manikin Tow with Fins – Italy (men), France (women)
  • 200m Obstacle Swim – Australia (men), Italy (women)
  • 200m Super Lifesaver – Italy (men & women)
  • 50m Manikin Carry – Germany (men), China (women)
  • Team 4x25m Manikin Relay – Germany (men), Belgium (women)
  • Team 4x50m Medley Relay – Italy (men), Germany (women)
  • Team 4x50m Obstacle Relay – Japan (men), France (women)

Years Participated in The World Games

  • 9

Lifesaving Schedule

The schedule will be posted in 2019.

Lifesaving Results

The results will be posted in 2021.

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