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Roller Sports

History of Roller Sports

Roller sports use human-powered vehicles which require rolling, either by gravity or though various pushing techniques. There are three disciplines of Roller Sports offered in The World Games: Artistic Roller Skating, Inline Hockey and Speed Skating.

Artistic Roller Skating

Artistic Roller Skating is a sport similar to figure skating, except the competitors wear roller skates instead of ice skates. There are two disciplines of Artistic offered — Freestyle and Pairs — both of which incorporate jumps, spins and footwork into a program set to music.

Inline Hockey

Inline Hockey is a team sport played on in-line skates, in which players use a hockey stick to shoot a plastic puck into their opponent’s goal to score points. It is considered a contact sport, but body checking is prohibited. There are five players (including the goalie) from each team on the rink at a time. Players skate across the floor trying to gain control of the puck and score a goal against the opposing team.

Speed Skating

Speed Skating involves racing on in-line skates. There are two categories of Speed Skating: Track and Road. In Track, the race is held on a patinodrome (an arena for this sport) with banked curves that is 200 meters in circumference. In Road, races may be held on regular pavement. The tracks are marked by multiple pylons that create a road course.

Country of Origin

  • Belgium/United States

Popular Countries

  • Argentina, Belgium, Colombia, Germany, India, Italy

2017 World Games Champion (country)

  • Artistic/Dance – Italy (mixed)
  • Artistic/Freeskating – Italy (men & women)
  • Artistic/Pair – Italy (mixed)
  • Inline Hockey/Team – Czech Republic (men)
  • Speed Skating/Road/Elimination Race/20,000m – Belgium (men), Colombia (women)
  • Speed Skating/Road/Point Race/10,000m – Belgium (men), Colombia (women)
  • Speed Skating/Road/Sprint/500m – France (men), Germany (women)
  • Speed Skating/Road/Time Trail/200m – Spain (men), Chile (women)
  • Speed Skating/Track/Elimination/15,000m – France (men), Colombia (women)
  • Speed Skating/Track/Point Elimination/10,000m – Argentina (men), Colombia (women)
  • Speed Skating/Track/Sprint/1,000m – Colombia (men), Belgium (women)
  • Speed Skating/Track/Sprint/500m – Germany (men), Italy (women)
  • Speed Skating/Track/Time Trail/300m – Germany (men), Colombia (women)

Editions Participated in The World Games:

  • 10

Roller Sports Schedule

The schedule will be posted in 2020.

Roller Sports Results

The results will be posted in 2021.

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